08.03.2023 Weekly Update


Sunday, August 6th

9:00am Worship (Sanctuary)

Tuesday, August 8th

9:00am Quilting (Quadrooms)

6:00pm Council (Fellowship Hall)

Wednesday, August 9th  

10:00am Bible Study (Fireside Room)

Thursday, August 10th

10:00am Fidget Mats (Quadrooms)

Sunday, August 13th

9:00am Worship (Sanctuary)


You can send pictures via email to stpeter@stpetersheboygan.com or post them to the St. Peter- Sheboygan Facebook page.  Flat Jesus’ summer adventures are not limited to bingo so please take Flat Jesus with you wherever you go and take pictures.  You don’t have to play bingo with Jesus to remember that God is with you!


Summer Worship Schedule

Through Sunday, September 3rd

9:00am in the Sanctuary

St. Peter Live

Our service is livestreamed to our Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/stpetersheboygan/) each Sunday morning.  Following worship, the service will be uploaded to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkvPIB8agxVhS72C5822etA) and our website (https://stpetersheboygan.com).   The weekly bulletin is attached to this email if you would like to follow along with the online service. 

Summer Worship Assistants 

The summer services are posted to Signup Genuis.  Please take a look at your availability and sign up using the link below or call Carrie to sign up.   Thank you!


Bible Study 

Join us for Bible Study, led by Myra, on Wednesday mornings from 10:00am-11:00am in the Fireside Room. 


Wednesday Night Golf

Join us for golf every Wednesday this summer.   Tee off between 5:30pm and 6:00pm at Sunset Hills Golf Course.  If you don’t golf maybe you would like to just stop out and have a beverage, pizza and join in the fellowship at 7:30pm.  If you have questions, contact the office or call Pam.

Dartball Aluminum Can Drive

St. Peter’s Dartball Team is sponsoring an aluminum can drive this summer.  Bring your bags of aluminum cans (aluminum only – please continue to recycle your other items) to the kitchen entrance (north side) of the building on Sunday, August 27th before or after worship.  If you would like someone to pick up your aluminum, please reply to this email and we will coordinate a time for you.  The proceeds from the can drive will be split with WELCA.  The Dartball Team will use their portion to pay for entry fees and other expenses.  

Fidget Mats PLUS!!!!

New name for fidgeters as we have evolved!   Some of our fidgeters and quilters have found a new way to bring comfort and care to the people we serve and have added Pocket Prayer Quilts, Adult Bibs and Foley Bag Covers to those in need. 

A delivery was made to a neighbor who has family at a home for elderly in Sanford, Florida named the Ethnos Homes. Delivered to them were 3 Alzheimer’s mats, 3 Adult, 3 Children’s mats and 4 cuffs.   The neighbor is one who has donated many doodads and gizmos to us to use in our creations.   We are always so thankful for all who remember us when sorting things from their larders so we might continue to be super recycle-ers and a blessing to all in need.  Peace to All.

Join us on Thursdays from 10am to noon in the Quadrooms. 

Lutheran World Relief

A message from Lutheran World Relief:  “Education is one of the strongest tools a community has for breaking the cycle of poverty. Ensuring that girls attend school, especially in places where their access is deprioritized, has even stronger results. Lutheran World Relief School Kits contain essential supplies to help children — and in some cases, adults — continue learning in the face of serious obstacles. That learning leads to a better life for them, their families and their communities.”

We are halfway through the summer months and getting closer to the next school year. Soon all the school supplies will be out in the stores and often at a great discount. Please consider picking up a few items to help our congregation meet our goal of assembling 150 school kits this year. Drop them off in the hallway between church and fellowship hall. Thank you for all the support given to this project. It is always amazing on school bag assembly day to see what an impact we as a congregation can have on the world. Any questions contact a WELCA board member.

School kit item list:

4 – 70-sheet notebooks

1 – box of 24 crayons

1 – pencil sharpener

1 – ruler

1 – pair blunt scissors

5 – unsharpened pencils

5 – black or blue pens

1 – 2 ½”  eraser


Our quilting group for Lutheran World Relief needs gently used sheets for the backs of the quilts.  Flat sheets are preferred – any size and color is just fine!  Then, join us for quilting on Tuesdays from 9:00am–12:00pm in the quad room.  No experience necessary.  We will teach you. 

Northside Christian Food Pantry 

Good News! We have added 2 members from St. Peter who volunteer at NSCFP – Pat P and Nancy J.  Thank you for supporting our partnership and serving our community. Proud to have you.

Every month a list of most needed items will be in the weekly email.  Our pantry shelves are quite empty so we have a couple more items for August.  The items are:  Baked Beans, Rice/Pasta Sides, Boxed Potatoes, Cereal/Oatmeal/Breakfast Bars, Canned Fruit, Spaghetti Sauce/Pasta, Bottles Juice, Assorted Crackers, Toilet Paper, and Plastic Bags.

Bring your donations to church and put them in the food cart. We will see that your food donations get to the pantry.  Appreciate your help. Pat L.


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

This lifeline provides care and support to people experiencing stressful situations.  It is free, confidential, and is available 24/7.  People of all ages who need help for themselves or a loved one can access the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by: calling 988, sending a text message to 988, or using the chat feature at 988lifeline.org.  People who contact 988 will be connected with a trained counselor who takes note of the person’s needs, understands how the person’s problem is affecting them, provides support, and, if needed, gets the person additional help.   


Please keep the following people in your prayers:  Wendy’s family, Jim, Merri, Jen’s family, Karen, Randy, Wendy, Sharen, Mya, Paul, Sheila, Pete, Elroy, Mike, Janet, Karen, Dan’s family, Bev, Billy, Phil, Aiden, Camila, Jazzy, Barb, Wilson, Julian, and Apostles of Christ. 


Announcements for the bulletin and weekly newsletter are due at noon each Wednesday.  Please submit information to Carrie, at email address stpeter@stpetersheboygan.com.  The staff will review and make final decisions based on clarity, space, content, timing, and needs of the community.