Changing of the Guards at St. Peter’s Cafe

As I have mentioned before, Faith Formation is a life-long process.  God can (and tries to) use all the experiences of our lives, both good and bad, the ups and the downs, to shape us, to show us God’s love, and to use us for good in this world.

That being said, we often think of very specific activities as being faith-forming. Being part of worship in the congregation is one of them. Another is education.  Our Sunday School began using a new curriculum in February, and we are still exploring some aspects of it, but we are off to a good start! The Confirmation and Mentor/Mentee programs are humming along. We have been thinking about and discussing Adult Education possibilities, and hope to have some interesting opportunities open for you sometime in the spring.

But as many of you know, service to others can be just as powerful a force in shaping our faith lives as “education”. I use the quotes around the word education for the simple reason that learning to serve others is a powerful lesson in learning to follow Jesus. This is especially true when we have no particular reason to do the serving, nothing is in it for us, except that we are acting like Jesus.

Here at St. Peter, there are many opportunities to serve others, and I hope to talk about more of them in later articles. This month I want to talk specifically about St. Peter’s Café, and some of the changes coming in the near future.

As you may know, Wendy Bertram, Carole Lawrence and Dick and Nancy Johnson have been key leaders since St. Pete’s Café began serving a free monthly meal five years ago. Well, let’s just be honest: Wendy has been the St. Pete’s Café chief meal planner, shopper, often head chef, and organizer of the kitchen volunteers. And after doing all this, for the whole life of the Café, Wendy is retiring in May. So is Carole. Dick and Nancy want to step back in their involvement, so they don’t feel committed every month. I have heard that other long time volunteers would like to retire or cut back their time commitments.

mickey cooking

We are looking for several new leaders, including Chefs of the Month. Could you be one of them?

So, it’s time for a changing of the guards. We have a strong base of volunteers who serve faithfully month after month (Praise God!), but our leadership structure needs to change. (There just aren’t that many Wendy Bertrams out there.) After helpful conversations with the leaders, I am in the process of writing job descriptions for the various aspects of leadership. Wendy’s job is going to be broken into some smaller pieces. We want to have a revolving group of “Chefs of the Month”, with clear expectations and guidance for what that means. We are looking for several Floor Leaders, who could share responsibilities for different months, so the job is shared. There are exciting possibilities ahead, and I will keep you posted! St. Pete’s Café is changing lives, feeding bodies and souls for the love of God. I highly recommend you check it out. Come, eat, serve. Feed and be fed as you do it.

-Janet Blank, Faith Formation Coordinator

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