Watching the Grass Grow

You may have seen the Sunday School kids (and some adults) playing in the dirt about a week ago. They put soil, a small clay pot, some pea gravel and grass seed together into a plant tray. They added a bigger rock and some twig crosses. They were told to spray it several times a day and wait for about a week. Waiting…is…hard…

I know, because I made the same project, and planted my grass seed a few days before the kids did, as a sample.

And each day I watered and watched and waited

and watered and watched and waited

and watered and watched and waited.

And then, after almost a week (forever in child and impatient adult time), there were a few brownish, ½” shoots. It was so exciting! In the few days since, more seeds have sprouted and grown at an astonishing rate- more than an inch per day! This was getting exciting. Whoever compared watching the grass grow to a boring activity didn’t have a bowl of it sitting on their kitchen table.

"like watching grass grow..."

“like watching grass grow…”

Apart from the fun of playing in soil and planting seeds, this project was about life overcoming death. The little scene was set up to represent the empty tomb on Easter morning, but we really didn’t need grass seed for that. But the seemingly dead grass seed had to be “buried” in the potting soil before it could spring to life. And what a joy it was when the seeds began to sprout and the grass turned green and grew! Resurrection is a big concept, difficult even for adults. Somehow, sometime, we see the miracles of rebirth in the spring and just think, “That’s how it is. That’s how it is supposed to be.”

Exactly. New life is resurrection. Faith can start as a tiny seed, not very green, not very impressive. But the life of Faith is a life of Growth. There are miracles of growth and resurrection walking all around us and happening within us. Sometimes we get to be part of the light-giving and watering process for someone else. Sometimes other people shine God’s light on us. In worship, doing dishes, watching Lake Michigan or the rivers all around us, we are reminded of the waters of Baptism and new life.

If we are Paying Attention, we will see it. And we can celebrate it. If we are watching the grass grow.

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