God’s Work Our Hands

God’s Work Our Hands Happening On and Around September 13, 2015

This community service event is happening in many ELCA congregations across our country on and around this day. It is an opportunity for us to come together and joyfully do some hands on work together. Your gifts and talents are needed – strong muscles, painting skills, shopping for needed groceries for the food pantry, sewing and cutting, visiting, clean up, etc. The key to all of this is that we do God’s work together. Everyone is needed!

Stop at the God’s Work Our Hands Table and select the project you want to help with. There is a spot for everyone. And…purchase a T-shirt to wear on Sept. 13 and for the day you do your project. All sizes available from small youth to xxlarge adult.

Here is a list of the projects:
 Clean up areas of the Lake Michigan beach on the Southside from King Park to High Avenue and the Lakeview Park beach and park.
 Visiting a member at their home who is not able to come to church or has limited access to getting to church. This would be a great project for a family!
 Bringing food for the North Side Christian Food Pantry. Pick up a list of items needed at the God’s Work Our Hands table. Help fill our 6 grocery carts by the 13th.
 Installing quarter-round at Trisha’s House.
 Sewing curtains and hanging them in the 6 bedrooms and kitchen at Bridgewway Homes. May need funds to purchase the hardware to hang curtains.
 Assembling Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kits. Pick up a list of items needed at the God’s Work Our Hands table.
 Cleaning out the gutters at Bridgeway Homes.
 Preparing the ground and planting at the front entrance side of Bridgeway Homes. Caan’s is assisting us in offering a significant discount on materials needed for this project. May need some perennials for this area if you have some to spare. May need some funds to purchase materials needed.
 Purchase and install a sump pump at Bridgeway Homes.
 Complete renovations in the dinning room of Bridgeway Homes: replace lighting and install recessed lighting, repair wall and paint.
 Tree trimming and lawn edging at Brideway Homes.

The event is September 13th and some things will happen on the day and around that day depending on the project. Sign up on the project sheets at the God’s Work Our Hands table. Order and pay for your T-shirt. If you are not sure what to do, please ask for assistance or call Carol Witt at 457-1309, or talk to Pastor Kristin or Janet Blank. Check the St. Peter website for updates.

If you know of a community project that really needs our attention for God’s Work Our Hands, please share that so we can put a team together.

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