Community Garden News

Things are coming together for the beginning of our Community Garden on the corner of 22nd and Geele Ave, at the corner of St. Peter’s block! We have gardeners eager to plant, but first we need some help with specific projects like these:

  • Building simple compost bins out of pallets
  • Building the frames for raised beds. We would like 4- 3’x6′ beds. We have free lumber; we just need builders with tools
  • Leveling the areas under the raised beds
  • Tilling part of the lot not in raised beds

Later we would like to make some paths (free pavers!) and put down mulch.

Gardening 1

It might not look like this the first year, but we are dreaming!


If any of these projects interests you, please contact Janet Blank (

We will be using the raised beds on the church property to grow salad veggies for the St. Peter Café! Those beds are turned over and ready to plant- Jim S is on that.

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