Let’s Build the Garden: June 4th!

We have the land. We have the wood and we will be getting the dirt. We have ideas and visions of what the empty lot can become.empty lot 2

Now we need some of you, along with your tools, wheelbarrows and willingness to help get the Community Garden started!

Maybe you are not a gardener, but you can build boxes for the raised beds. Maybe you are a gardener, with your own garden at home, but you would be willing to help us till up part of the sod. Maybe you would like to plant the flowers along the front (south) edge of the garden to add cheer and welcome to our new endeavor.

Maybe you are interested in using some of the garden space for your family.        Maybe you are just curious to see what is going on.

For any reason, but especially if you have the skills we need that day, please come to the corner of 22nd and Geele Avenue next Saturday, June 4th, starting at 1:00. (If you can only come in the morning, let the office know or talk to Janet Blank, that can work, too.)

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