Community Garden: Building Community Already

This morning (June 4) we began building some structure into the Garden. We started with a vacant grassy lot, and in a few hours we:

  • Built some boxes for raised beds
  • Dug out sod and planted flowers
  • Used donated pavers to build a circle bed that will hold strawberries for eating
  • And tilled an area for in ground crops! And then it started raining.

As for community building: one neighbor let us use electricity and her hose. The tvisiting with a neighbor.JPGilling was done by a fellow gardener who wanted to help us out, and we talked to at least 6 neighbors who walked by or came over to see what was happening.

The next step: the soil for the beds is being delivered Tuesday (June 7). Can you help us move it into the boxes on Tuesday or Wednesday?

God is at work on the corner of 22nd and Geele. I’m excited to see what grows in and out of the Garden. Aren’t you curious, too?

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