Growing Season Has Begun at the Garden

There has been a flurry of activity at the Garden! The soil (lots of it) was delivered on Tuesday, June 7. A small but valiant band of soil shovel wielders filled the raised beds built the previous Saturday, and there was still a mound of soil to move.

Garden on 6-8-16.1

Today, a different, but equally valiant group worked to spread the soil over the tilled area, and planting was begun!  As the summer goes on you will begin to see tomatoes, peppers, green beans, carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes. We planted strawberries in a circle bed on the corner of the lot near the sidewalks, just for passers-by to enjoy. One of the neighbors we met on Saturday came by and gave us some more strawberry plants!

This Garden may grow and produce far more than the vegetables being planted.

Garden on 6-8-16.2

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