God’s Work. Our Hands. returns

God’s Work. God's Work Our Hands 1Our Hands. It’s the ELCA-wide day of service in our communities. On the second Sunday of September (Sept. 11 this year), people of all ages from ELCA congregations across the country go out into their communities to serve as God’s hands: merciful hands, helping hands, friendly hands, hard-working, useful hands.

Last year our projects included: yard work and sewing for Bridgeway House, beach cleanup, gathering and delivering items for the Food Pantry at St. Dominic Parish. Some of those projects will return, with at least one new one. You will be hearing more about this year’s projects as the summer goes on!

One project we can start working on now is supplying items for the Food Pantry housedfood pantry offerings across the street at St. Dominic. We will be having a special push to fill up grocery carts later in August, but the need for food assistance never goes away. Sadly, some weeks when the good folk from the Food Pantry come to collect whatever we have in our cart near the coat rack- they go away empty-handed or with very little.

So to help remind ourselves of the need, starting now, we are going to focus on specific items or categories that are most needed and appreciated by our sisters and brothers who come to the food pantry for help. If you can’t or don’t want to haul groceries to church, you can donate gift cards to Piggly Wiggly or Pick N Save. Our shopper extraordinaire, Patty, will turn them into bags of much appreciated items!

First up: Condiments and spices! Items like ketchup, mustard pickles, mayo, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, salsa, and spaghetti sauce are great. So are salt, pepper, season salt, gcondiments 2arlic salt (or minced garlic in a jar), dried onions, paprika. This is such a simple way help bring flavor and savor to our neighbor’s lives- with items that we rarely think to donate. (But they are much appreciated!)

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