Growing Season, Part 2

Our Community Garden on the corner of 22nd and Geele is definitely grogarden 7-4.potato bagswing! The Garden got a weeding and watering on July 4, and the potato growing bags were put in. There are two of them, one is planted with fingerings (small, slender potatoes, very delicious!) and one is planted with early Washingtons.

Watch as the bags slowly get filled up with dirt and compost as the potato plants sprout and grow. By fall we should have a nice crop of new potatoes to dump out of the bags and harvest!

The neighbor immediately to the north of the Garden has graciously offered to let us use her outside spigot to water the Garden. All we have to do is bring the church hose and sprinkler over and hook it up! Of course sprinkling cans and buckets of water work, too. garden 7-4.7

If you come by and look at the Garden, you can’t miss the tomatoes and the beans. But you can also find onions, carrots, celery, cucumbers (future pickles?) and one little pepper plant started by the grandsons of one of our neighbors. It has two tiny little peppers !   garden 7-4.4

Feel free to come and look, maybe pull a few weeds or dogarden 7-4.5 some watering.

Want to help, even for a few minutes or an hour?

Let Janet know!garden 7-4.3


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