God’s Work Our Hands: Yard Work at Bridgeway House

Here at St. Peter, we have seen first hand how the ministries of SCIO SCIO logocan change lives for the better.

The Farmer’s Market. Bridgeway House. Trisha’s House. We have members who have been (and are) closely connected to these ministries. Thank God for them!

And as one of the member organizations of SCIO, we have some “skin in the game”. So it is a natural fit to include helping SCIO in whatever ways we can.

So this year, as part of God’s Work Our Hands, we are asking for a team to do some landscaping work at Bridgeway House. Bridgeway logoThere may be plants to put in, there WILL be mulch to spread on the plantings and around the play set in back. Maybe some weeding along the fence line…

If you like to get your hands in the dirt or are great with a shovel or rake, this may be the team for you! The work can be done anytime the weekend of September 10-11. find out more at church or contact Janet jblank@stpetersheboygan.com.


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