God’s Work Our Hands: Tomorrow 9/11

Just a quick reminder! Tomorrow is the day of service we call GOD’S WORK OUR HANDS!

Lots of things have been prepared over the last few weeks, but it’s not to late to take part. Tomorrow you can:

Make a card of appreciation for our local police and firefighters. We have the card sheboygan-fire-department-logomaking stuff here, and it can be as simple as “THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!”

The cards, along with home baked goodies will be packed up in baskets that will be delivered to the various stations in town.

Love fire trucks or police cars? You can still sign up to deliver one or more baskets after church tomorrow.

Bring items for the Food Pantry across the street! The Youth will be delivering and Food-Pantry 2putting the goods away at St. Dominic. Let’s fill those carts!

If you have Thursdays during the day free, you can see what goes on at the Food Pantry! We are putting together a team of people to give the regular volunteers a day off. This will take place on September 15 (watch and learn) and September 22 (fill the bags and distribute food).

There will be other projects going on at church during the Job Fair between worship services- check out what’s happening in the Quad Rooms!

LWR personl care kit

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