The Quilts are in Church!

quilts-2016-1This Sunday, October 16, will be that beautiful day when quilts literally blanket our worship space. All year long the Cut Ups, our church quilting group, works on making quilts for Lutheran World Relief. (Even though the group does not “officially” meet in the summer, some of the dedicated sew-ers put together quilt tops for assembling in the fall.)

quilts-2016-6 In October each year, they are blessed during worship before being sent off to LWR locations around the country and the world.

We will also be blessing the School Kits that were assembled during Sunday School hour last week, and the Health Kits and Baby Care Kits that have been put together. Thanks to your donations of items like baby clothes, soap, notebooks, pencils and money, these kits can now go out into the world to make someone’s life better.

Loading the boxcars from Sheboygan will take place next Saturday, October 22. If you would like to be amazed, you can find out more about that event by contacting Carol Witt (920-457-1309)



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