Growing Season, Part 4

september-celeryBy September, we had green beans and celery in the freezer and tomato sauce and pickle slices in jars. Carrots and onions were still in the ground. All of these things will be used for St. Peter’s CaféSeptember tomatoes and sunflowers.JPG. The sunflowers were tall with heavy nodding heads and the tomato plants were ragged but still producing fruit. It was time to think about cleaning up the garden after our first season.

So, today, October 19, a group of 10, including members, a neighbor (“the water lady”) and Barb from St. Dominic met to clean up the garden and harvest what was left.

Then we returned to church to talk about the season, what worked, what we might want to do differently and begin planning for next year. This being a meeting at church, we did this with a delicious lunch included!

And since today was also a prep day for St. Peter’s Café tomorrow, some of the onions were cut up for the meal. (Providing produce for the Café was one of the main goals of the garden for this year.) Next year, we hope to have families, neighbors, St. Dominic folk and others as part of this growing ministry.

cleanup-2 cleanup-4cleanup-5


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