This scholarship is a non-renewable award of up to $1,000. To be eligible for the scholarship
the following criteria must be met:
• Applicant must be a confirmed member of St. Peter Lutheran Church.
• The applicant must be attending or will be attending an accredited public or not for profit
institution of higher education.
• The application must be completed in full: including transcripts from your last school
attended, references, and essay.
Applications can be obtained in the office at St. Peter Lutheran Church, or from the website at
http://www.stpetersheboygan.com. All applications must be returned to St. Peter Lutheran
Church by April 15, 2017 for disbursement in fall of 2017.
Please return completed application and any inquires to:
Mickey Winkel Scholarship Committee
St Peter Lutheran Church
2104 Geele Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53083
The scholarship will be disbursed as a onetime payment in the name of the scholarship
recipient and the institution attending.

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