Who Wants to Garden?

The Cooper Neighborhood Garden (on the corner of 22nd and Geele) is now ready for planting! Some of garden 7-4.5 the beds will be dedicated to growing veggies for the Café and Food Pantry. But there are other beds available for anyone who wants to garden.

There is no fee to use a bed. Family, friends and neighbors are also welcome to plant and tend a bed for themselves. So if your own yard is too shady, or doesn’t have the space to garden, why not use one of our nice raised beds? Or if you would like to watch over tomatoes or green beans for the Café or Food Pantry, let us know!

Registration packets are in the church office or on the table normally used for Coffee Fellowship.

We must  have a completed registration form and Waiver of Liability form turned in to the St. Peter office before you can plant. Questions? Want to know more? Contact Janet Blank or Patty Kauger.

 If you aren’t gardening, but would like to support the Cooper Garden, how about signing up to water the garden once or twice over the summer? A schedule will be posted soon. Weeders are also welcome, even if you only do it once or twice.

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