Cooper Garden Updates

beds 6-8-17Beds are getting planted at the Garden! Now there are signs so you can see which beds are being grown for the Food Pantry, St. Pete’s Cafe, and which are family beds.

There is a sign inviting passers-by to enjoy the strawberries in the round bed as they ripen. (Just a little hospitality for our neighbors.) 

strawberry bed sign 6-8-17

Soon there will be a couple of beds planted for the neighbors to enjoy whether they have a bed or not. 

We could use some help watering and weeding the Cafe and Pantry beds, and the flowers along the front edge of the Garden, so we are developing a watering/weeding schedule. If your daily activities take you near the corner of 22nd and Geele, why not “adopt” a bed and check it out one day a week? It would only take a few minutes, and you would be part of doing something for someone else. 

What day works for you? If several people sign up for each day, the work would be minimal.

And there are still beds available to plant, at no cost to you (except for your seeds or plants, of course!). If you are interested in finding out more, or have questions, or want to join the watering schedule, contact Janet Blank ( 

Or stroll, bike or even drive by and look what’s growing!

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