Plants for our Neighbors at Cooper Garden

beds for neighbors 1. 6-11-17

Watch for green beans here!

beds for neighbors 2. 6-11-17

Tomatoes to be!

In the cool of the morning, two garden beds were planted as hospitality for our neighbors! One was planted with tomatoes, and bean seeds were carefully tucked into the other.







Along with the seeds and plants, two signs were also “planted”, inviting our neighbors to enjoy the produce as it  ripens. Jesus said “love your neighbor”, so we are doing that in a small way with vegetables.

If you would like to help share that love, feel free to stop by and pull a few weeds.

Or bring some water for the “neighbor beds” or any other bed. Like gardening, small acts of love, often unseen or unknown by others, can bring bigger than expected results.

We are establishing a watering schedule, so if you can stop by, say on a Tuesday once in a while to water some beds, let Janet Blank know.

Actually, you can sign up for any day but Sunday. Janet has already staked out Sunday mornings before worship!

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