If you are the parent/caregiver of a child who will be attending Sunday School AND/
OR if you are someone who will be helping to lead any aspect of Sunday School,
please plan on attending one of the following meetings. We will go over crucial
information about our child protection policy, parent handbook, and volunteer
handbook. Attending one of these meetings will help us all get off to a great start in
Sunday School this year! Please RSVP to Pastor Kristin (930-452-4771 or by Monday, August 14th to let her know which
meeting you can attend. Please talk to Pastor Kristin if you have any questions.
Thursday, August 17th at 6:30pm -7:30pm
Sunday, August 27th at 10:30am – 11:30am

School of Rock!

Are you ready to Rock?!?!?!
Shalom has tickets to see the Broadway musical School of
Rock! We’ve got 20 tickets – first come, first serve. We will
then have a waiting list and will try to get additional tickets.
When: Saturday 11/25/2017 – 2pm
Where: Marcus Center in Milwaukee
Cost: $59/ticket – due upon sign up
The attendees can discuss car pooling as we get closer.
Based on the film and with a rocking new score from Andrew Lloyd Webber, School of
Rock follows slacker Dewey Finn as he turns a class of straight – A students into an earpopping,
riff-scorching, all-conquering rock band! As they prepare for the Battle of the Bands,
can Dewey make them embrace the empowering message of rock?

Sometimes a little goes a long way…

There are lots of small ways we can show God’s love to other people. Mother Teresa of Calcutta called it “Doing little things with great love”.garbage bags

Even as small as a box of garbage can liners? Maybe.

For example, at Bridgeway House (operated by SCIO), there are a lot of seemingly little things that are often in short supply.

Here are their most pressing things right now:

  1. Copy paper (multi-purpose)
  2. Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  3. Garbage Bags (13 gallon)
  4. Multipurpose Cleaner
  5. Kleenex

If you want to help by getting any of these ordinary things, you can bring them to church and put them in the shopping cart labeled SCIO. Thank you!

Time to Think about School Kits

Yes, the school supply sales have begun! That means it’s a perfect time to buy some extra supplies to  help the WELCA team put together school kits for Lutheran World Relief.

WELCA heads up this  project, but it is a project the whole congregation can and does take part in accomplishing each year.

  • from the young man who organized and keeps track of supplies on ahdn and supplies needed,
  • to the ladies who work months ahead to sew the bags to hold the supplies,
  • to the members and friends like you, who buy school supplies to donate,
  • and the people of all ages who gather on a Sunday in early October to assemble and pack the supplies into the bags and then into cartons- ready to be shipped out.

So now and in the weeks ahead are great times to pick up school supplies on sale! Kathy Hocevar and Patty Kauger (among others) know where the best sales are, and would be glad to let you know who had what on sale. Or just pick up a few extra notebooks, pens,  rulers, crayons, child size scissors, or pencil sharpeners while you are out.

The word from the Organizer of Supplies (Micah) is that we already have enough erasers and pencils! So keep thinking about and buying the other supplies posted above.




Bendy Jesus is on the Road

Bendy Jesus has been traveling!

Bendy Jesus on the way to TennesseeBesides going tBendy Jesus on the roado China with Ben and Logan Gerbitz, Bendy Jesus went to Tennessee and back, visiting the Great Smoky Mountains with one of our St. Peter families.



Can you see the rainbow in this out-the-window photo?




Ah, the Great Smoky Mountains deserve their beautiful name!Bendy Jesus in the Great Smokies


Where else might Bendy Jesus show up this summer?