Time to Think about School Kits

Yes, the school supply sales have begun! That means it’s a perfect time to buy some extra supplies to  help the WELCA team put together school kits for Lutheran World Relief.

WELCA heads up this  project, but it is a project the whole congregation can and does take part in accomplishing each year.

  • from the young man who organized and keeps track of supplies on ahdn and supplies needed,
  • to the ladies who work months ahead to sew the bags to hold the supplies,
  • to the members and friends like you, who buy school supplies to donate,
  • and the people of all ages who gather on a Sunday in early October to assemble and pack the supplies into the bags and then into cartons- ready to be shipped out.

So now and in the weeks ahead are great times to pick up school supplies on sale! Kathy Hocevar and Patty Kauger (among others) know where the best sales are, and would be glad to let you know who had what on sale. Or just pick up a few extra notebooks, pens,  rulers, crayons, child size scissors, or pencil sharpeners while you are out.

The word from the Organizer of Supplies (Micah) is that we already have enough erasers and pencils! So keep thinking about and buying the other supplies posted above.




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