Sunday School Volunteers Needed

Sunday School is still recruiting volunteers there are many jobs to fill to make this a great year for our students. All of these jobs can be chosen for one week, or many based on your availability, interest, and comfort level. Please prayerfully consider signing up for one or more of the following positions.

Station Leader – Teaches a lesson to either children 2nd grade and under, or to children 3rd-5th grade. The lessons are listed in the sign up genius each week with the type of lesson, name of lesson, and where to find that story in the bible. i.e. Science – House on the Rock (Mthw 7:24) Lessons typically take 30-40 minutes to present and do with the students.

Shepherds – Greet the children in their classroom, lead them to opening, help the station leaders as an extra pair of hands, wait in classroom until all students have been picked up by a parent/guardian. We have 5 positions open each week, two for each classroom of younger students and one for the older students (who don’t need as much assistance)

Check In/Out – This person helps the parents check their students in, finds out who is responsible for pick up, and then assists in checking the students out each week.
Sign Up Now!

Our goal is to fill all positions by October 15th, and we are over half way there, please help us meet this goal! Don’t worry if your schedule changes you can change your sign up anytime, just please not less than a week before your scheduled date.

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