Moments in Motherhood

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you. – Isaiah 66:13

Five years stand between our new littlest addition and his big sister.  So our family was use to no diapers, independent little people, self sufficient dressers, and sleep.  I knew deep in my heart one of the greatest challenges would be “starting over”.  Baby necessities once again scattered throughout the house, adding on time to get out the door, and sleepless nights. 

How quickly one can forget the different needs and comforting a fresh babe needs compared to school age kids.  Now responding to needs with little sleep, postpartum hormones aboard, and arms constantly full. 

But no matter how tired we are as Mommas we hear the call to comfort and we respond.  In the stillness of the dark night when much of the world sleeps, we bring our babes to our chest.  We hold them tight in the dark, soothing, feeding, letting them know we are there. 

We comfort our babes as God comforts us.  In the dark, when we are hungry, and our hearts need soothing he is there.  Because when we hear cries for the 5th time during a long night we need HIM to comfort us Mommas as much as our newborn needs us, if not more. 

And maybe the most significant lesson we learn from giving comfort amongst exhaustion is what we are teaching our children.  To love even when you are tired, to take care of others even when they can’t ask, to give comfort to their friends when they need it the most.  For HE comforts us, as WE comfort our children, for our children to go out and comfort the world.

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