Update on Covid-19.

Dear People of St. Peter Lutheran Church,

As you know, life as we know it is rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 virus. Per the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Governor of Wisconsin, we are making an unprecedented decision to temporarily suspend all church related activities including Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship. This includes bible study groups, quilting, book club, community meal, team meetings, youth ministries, and anything else that happens at St. Peter. During this time, the building will be closed to all activities including family functions, private events, and community groups.

We make this decision in love for our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable among us. People who are over 60 years old, and people with chronic medical conditions (heart or lung disease or diabetes) are at a greater risk for developing more serious complications from the virus. We are doing this to “flatten the curve.” Meaning, COVID-19 is going to spread, we can’t stop that from happening, but we can help each other stay healthy and help slow the spread of the virus so our healthcare system can handle it.

What this means for St. Peter:

– We hope to resume all church functions around May 15th. The CDC and Governor of Wisconsin, are recommending social distancing (keeping at least 6 feet between people) and postponing in-person events for eight weeks.

o Meetings and events can be rescheduled. Our number one priority is to care for each other. Even if you feel fine, you can still be a carrier of the virus.

o Meetings can wait and we will pick up where we left off when it is safe to do so.

o If you have keys and need to get into the building, please call ahead. We need to know who is in the building and are asking people to be respectful of the health of others.

– Church leadership will be evaluating recommendations as time progresses.

o We will make and communicate decisions regarding worship and activities as information becomes available.

§ The church voicemail and email will be checked daily Monday-Friday. You will continue to receive weekly emails.

– Even though we will not be gathering together, we will still be worshiping our God. We can worship God and love our neighbors wherever we are.

o Our goal is to have something available on our website or Facebook page for Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. If you do not use computers, we will have something to send you via snail mail.

– We are grateful for the ways you support St. Peter financially. Your continued financial support is crucial in the coming weeks. If you can’t send a check, or won’t remember to send it, you can go to the church website and sign up for online giving. https://stpetersheboygan.com/resources/online-giving/ Your church relies on weekly offerings and even one week without giving makes a huge difference. If you’re in a position to do so, please consider giving an extra gift to offset others who can’t or won’t give in the coming weeks. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will be appreciated, and your giving will make a difference.

The church is not closed. It can never close if we, God’s people, live out the gospel. This is the time for us to do that. Officials are calling for “social distancing,” this does not mean isolation. Please check on your neighbors, safely assist those in need, and pray for each other.

With you on the journey,

Pastor Kristin Berglund