07-16-17 Bulletin
07-09-17 Bulletin
07-02-17 Bulletin
06-25-17 Bulletin
06-18-17 Bulletin
06-11-17 Bulletin
06-04-17 Bulletin
05-28-17 Bulletin
05-21-17 Bulletin
05-14-17 Bulletin

Vision Voice
2017 July Vision Voice
2017 June vision Voice
2017 May Vision Voice
2017 April Vision Voice
2017 March Vision Voice
2017 February Vision Voice

Worship Duties
2017 June-July Worship Assistants
2017 July-August-September Worship Assistants

2017 July Calendar
2017 June Calendar

3 thoughts on “News

  1. Hi all, on road and looking forward to reading bulletins and hearing sermans but not posted for last several weeks. Steve W. Thanks for your work on keeping this site available and job you do.

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