New Faith Formation Coordinator

St. Peter Lutheran Church welcomes Janet Blank in a new staff position, that of Faith Formation Coordinator. This new position was developed after several years of study and a desire to help all members of the St. Peter community to grow in their faith journeys and practices. Since St. Peter already has a strong commitment to service in the local community and around the world, Ms. Blank will seek to offer practical ways to strengthen the balance between those ministries and personal growth. In other words, what does it look like to live daily as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ in today’s world? How can we be aware of the presence of God outside of worship services and the walls of the church building? What are the implications of loving God and one’s neighbor in all stages and all areas of life? Ms. Blank says, “At St. Peter, the people already have a strong foundation of service and partnership both locally and in El Salvador. I hope to help them see connections that can both deepen and broaden the vision they already have. This is going to be an adventure!” For more information, see the St. Peter website at, or look us up on Facebook.