Another toothbrush update!

The toothbrushes are piling up!

The toothbrushes are piling up!

And it’s neck and neck!

With only a few more days to bring in toothbrushes for El Salvador, the race is tightening between children sized and adult sized brushes collected so far.

With the addition of the brushes that were donated last Sunday (January 25) and some that came into the office early this week the count now stands at:

  • 374 children’s toothbrushes and
  • 399 adult toothbrushes

Several generous donations have come from people asking their dentists to consider donating. Janet is happily and promptly writing thank you notes for each of these generous contributions. It never hurts to ask! So keep asking and keep bringing in toothbrushes during this last week of our collection drive.

After a final count on Sunday, February 1st, the toothbrushes will be packed up and taken early that first week of February to a central collecting point for other medical and hygiene supplies also going to El Salvador with the Synod Mission of Healing.

A simple thing like a toothbrush can make a big impact in a child or adult’s life- the simple kindness and generosity of this St. Peter congregation continues to impact the lives of our brothers and sisters in El Salvador. Thank you! Gracias a Dios!

-Janet Blank, Faith Formation Coordinator

Toothbrushes for El Salvador- Update!

This is an amazing congregation! We have only been collecting toothbrushes fotoothbrushes 1r a few weeks (the month of January), and as of Thursday, January 22nd, we have:

  • 327 Child size toothbrushes, and
  • 276 Adult size toothbrushes.

There are going to be a lot more people in El Salvador with brighter, healthier smiles, because of you, the people of St. Peter Lutheran Church. We will continue to collect toothbrushes (no toothpaste) for two more Sundays: January 25th and February 1st. We are looking for both sizes (child and adult) with SOFT bristles. A number of you have found good bargains and some have asked your dentists, who have responded generously when they heard the toothbrushes were going to El Salvador.

So, which size will we have more of- Child or Adult?? Is it dreaming to imagine 500 of each size…?

Watch this website for the final count or find out in worship on February 8th. (Who says we don’t have cliffhangers in church?)

-Janet Blank, Faith Formation Coordinator