God’s Work Our Hands

God’s Work Our Hands needs You!

There is still time to come on board and offer your time and talent to some needs in our community. Stop at the God’s Work Our Hands Table to add your name to one of the project sheets. There is also the opportunity to sign up to visit one of our members. This would be a great family activity and a very special time for the person receiving a visit. Other opportunities follow…
* Join the team of people who will gather at 9:15 on Sunday, Sept. 13 to clean up the Lake Michigan beach from North Point to Lakeview Park. Hannah Hocevar, Team Leader
* Pick up a hand out of needed items and help the Youth fill the grocery carts for the North Side Christian Food Pantry by Sept 13th. Pam Wilhelm, Team Leader
* If you sew or like to iron, join the team that is sewing curtains for the 6 bedrooms and the kitchen at Bridgeway Homes on Sunday, Sept 13 starting at 12. Carolyn Watson, Team Leader
* In between worship services on Sunday, Sept. 13, 9:15 to 10:15, helping hands are needed to assemble Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kits in the St. Paul Room. Patty Kauger, Team Leader
* On Saturday, Sept 12 join the team at Brigdeway, Geele and 13th, working on yard work, tree trimming and cleaning out the gutters, starting at 10:00 in the morning. Fred Hutchison and Kevin Witt, Team Leaders

Projects that need a team yet include: installing quarter-round at Trisha’s House, Bridgeway’s dinning room renovation, and painting at the St. Dominic Food Pantry.

God’s Work Our Hands T-shirts are still available- extras were ordered. Stop at the table and place your order. T-shirts will be available for pick up on Sunday, Sept. 6th at the God’s Work Our Hands table.

A Vision from Pastor Norma

The Vision (Reprinted from Linda Muth’s El Salvador blog)

I wasn’t asleep. Maybe it was the medications, I don’t know. But early in the morning I had a vision. I was lying here in my bed. There were two angels standing just behind me, over my head. I knew they were my guardian angels. They were so close. I could feel their wings just touching my shoulders. I couldn’t feel their hands, but somehow their hands were below me. I was lifted up, like I was floating, with a white blanket, floating up out of my bed.

Pastor Norma knew that God was with her. She shared this vision with us, knowing she would be healed, expecting to be raised up out of her bed, grateful for the comfort of God’s angels.

We believed she would rise up. We believed she would walk. We believed she would mother her children, accompany her husband, shepherd her congregation, and laugh with her friends. We prayed for a miracle, and we expected one.

We do not doubt that today, as Norma’s body is committed to the earth, she has experienced the prayed-for miracle. She is healed. She has risen up out of her bed.

We wanted the guardian angels to guide Pastor Norma back into health in this world. We wanted the vision to be a sign that the mother, wife, pastor and friend would be with us, here, now, in this time.

I believe the vision was a gift. For Norma. For us.

Yesterday a friend said, “God is weeping with us.” Today we weep for the loss of the mother, the wife, the pastor and the friend who will no longer walk with us for a time. God is weeping with us.

Adios, querida Norma, hermana y amiga. Nos vemos en los tiempos de Dios.

Memorial Service to be held for Pastor Norma

For those of you who would like to come together to remember Pastor Norma, Cross of Life will hold a memorial service for her next Tuesday evening.

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news…
that after four months of serious illness, Pastor Norma Castillo, the pastor of the partner church in El Salvador of Cross of Life Church, passed away late this morning.
We mourn today with Salvadoran brothers and sisters, and give great thanks to God for all the lives Norma has touched, both in El Salvador and in our own church family.
There will be a memorial service for Pastor Norma here at Cross of Life next Tuesday, September 1st, at 7 pm.
Please join us as we mourn our loss and celebrate her life.
And please pray for her and for her family….Norma was a gifted and vibrant pastor, wife, mother, friend. She leaves behind her husband, Raphael, and her three daughters, Aurora, Daniella, and Gabby, as well as all the members of her church, Cordero de Dios.
Husband, Raphael, is pastor to Apostles de Cristo, sister parish with St. Peter Lutheran Church of Sheboygan.
Carpooling of members will be Tuesday night leaving from St. Peter at 2104 Geele Avenue, Sheboygan, at 5:25 PM to go to the service at Cross of Life.

Please continue to hold them all in your prayers.