St. Peter Lutheran Church/ December Services


Worship at 8:00am
Worship at 10:30am
Children’s Christmas Program

Worship at 8:00 am
Worship at 10:30 am

Saturday, DECEMBER 24TH
Worship at 4:30pm
Contemporary Christmas Eve Service
Worship at 7:00pm
Traditional Christmas Eve Service

Worship at 9:00am
No Sunday School

Wednesday, December 28th
No Worship

SUNDAY, January 1st
Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Lessons & Carols
No Sunday School

What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?

Many of us have used Advent calendars at home as a way to mark, set aside or make special the season of Advent. Advent is the four weeks before Christmas- usually most of the month of December. Sometimes, like this year, it begins at the end of November.

Next Sunday, the 27th, is the first Sunday of Advent.

This year we are encouraging people to do a Reverse Advent Calendar. Instead of opening a little door on a paper calendar (and maybe getting a piece of stale chocolate), take one of grocery-bag-for-reverse-advent-calendarthe specially marked paper grocery bags (thank you, Festival Foods!). Then beginning Sunday (or December 1st- your choice), add an item for the Food Pantry. Keep doing day by day (if possible) and bring your bag of items back to church on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

Did we mention that the bag has simple directions and a list of requested items stapled to it? Couldn’t be easier! Families with children, this could be a fun Advent faith activity. Let your little ones help decide what goes in the bag, either from your cupboard or from the store. Talk about why you are doing it.

Whatever you can put in the bag will be a blessing to another family.

We will make sure all the bags get across the street to the Northside Christian Food Pantry, located at St. Dominic Parish.

60 bags were taken last Sunday, so we are off to a great start! Please remember, no one is counting the items in your bag. Maybe you know you will be away from home over the holidays. Maybe you are unable for some reason to do this every day. That’s OK. Whatever you can put in the bag will help someone else, whether it 24 items or 3 items.

Bags will be available again this Sunday (the 27th) outside the worship space, and at the Advent Breakfast.