03.16.2023 Weekly Update


Sunday, March 19th      

8:00am Worship (Sanctuary)

9:00am Sunday School (Fellowship Hall)

9:00am WELCA Meeting (Quadrooms)

10:00am Worship (Sanctuary)

Tuesday, March 21st

9:00am Quilting (Quadrooms)

5:30pm Boot Camp (Fellowship Hall)

Wednesday, March 22nd 

10:00am Bible Study (Fireside Room)

6:00pm Worship (Sanctuary)

6:30pm Mentor Mentee (Fellowship Hall)

6:30pm Choir (Music Room)

Thursday, March 23rd   

10:00am Fidget Mats (Quadrooms)

5:30pm Boot Camp (Fellowship Hall)

6:00pm Finance Team (Conference Room)

Saturday, March 25th

12:00pm Reinemann Family Gathering

Sunday, March 26th      

8:00am Worship (Sanctuary)

9:00am Sunday School (Fellowship Hall)

10:00am Worship (Sanctuary)


Wednesday, March 22nd, 29th

6:00pm Worship (Holden Evening Prayer)

Maundy Thursday – Thursday, April 6th

6:00pm Worship

Good Friday – Friday, April 7th

12:15pm Worship

Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 9th

8:00am & 10:00am Worship

Easter Breakfast

The Easter Breakfast is back!  Breakfast will be served from 7:00am-9:00am on Sunday, April 9th in the Fellowship Hall.  We need your help with donations!  There is a signup poster in the narthex, please sign up to donate or volunteer and make this a wonderful event.  Thank you!


Thank you for stepping up these past two weeks.  We have caught up on our bills (nothing was paid late), and we are in a much more comfortable financial position with about $14,000 in our checking account.  To be able to meet our budget we need over $5,000 in the offering plates each week.  Please prayerfully consider how you can help to keep the many ministries of St Peter thriving.  Again, thank you for your continued kindness and generosity. 


St. Peter Live

Our service is livestreamed to our Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/stpetersheboygan/) each Sunday morning.  Following worship, the service will be uploaded to YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkvPIB8agxVhS72C5822etA) and our website (https://stpetersheboygan.com).   The weekly bulletin is attached to this email if you would like to follow along with the online service. 

Worship Assistants 

We need your help!  Services are posted to Sign Up Genius through May.  We could really use some more help with volunteers for Holy Week.  Please sign up using the link below or call Carrie to sign up.  Thank you!

Music Ministry News

Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.  Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord. ~ Ephesians 5:19

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!  I am looking for people of all ages to share their time and musical talents.  Perhaps you had the pleasure of hearing Joshua play the euphonium during the children’s Christmas program or the confirmation students playing the chimes?  We would love for more of our congregation to share their gifts and the good news is that all are welcome to share!!

Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? Maybe you write spiritual stories or poetry? Whatever your gift, please consider sharing it on Sundays with our congregation.  Using your talents to praise God during worship is a beautiful and affirming way to share your gifts.  I am willing to work with anyone to accompany a vocalist or instrumentalist, help select music, and rehearse.  Maybe you don’t want to do it by yourself, but would rather be part of a group like the choir, a duet, trio, or quartet? Either way, if you are interested in being included in the music ministry at St. Peter, please reach out to me and we can talk about the different ways you can be involved.

I know we have talented musicians and artists out there and I pray the spirit moves you to share your gifts with St. Peter Lutheran.

I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help support our music ministry…and parents, please encourage and support your children to explore this ministry at St. Peter.  We need all of you in order for our music ministry to thrive and grow stronger!

You can reach out to Lori or reply to this email.




Sunday School

Join us for Sunday School at 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall.  Kids ages 3 years old through 5th grade are invited to join us for a time of bible stories, music, and activities.  No Sunday School on Easter Sunday, April 9th, please join us for the Easter Breakfast from 7:00am – 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall.


Mentor Mentee will meet on Wednesdays during Lent (March 22nd) from 6:30pm-7:15pm in the Fellowship Hall.  No Wednesday evening classes for 1st and 2nd year students, but all confirmation students are expected to attend Worship.  No Mentor Mentee on Wednesday, March 29th, but please join us for worship!  No Confirmation on Wednesday, April 5th for Holy Week.

Mickey Winkel Memorial Education Scholarship 

This scholarship is a non-renewable award of up to $1,000.  To be eligible for the scholarship the following criteria must be met:

· Applicant must be a confirmed member of St. Peter Lutheran Church.

· The applicant must be attending or will be attending an accredited public or not for profit institution of higher education.

· The application must be completed in full: including transcripts from your last school attended, references, and essay.

Applications can be obtained in the office at St. Peter Lutheran Church, or from the website at http://www.stpetersheboygan.com.  All applications must be returned to St. Peter Lutheran Church by April 14, 2023, for disbursement in fall of 2023.  Please return completed application and any inquiries to:  Mickey Winkel Scholarship Committee c/o St Peter Lutheran Church, 2104 Geele Avenue, Sheboygan, WI 53083.  The scholarship will be disbursed as a onetime payment in the name of the scholarship recipient and the institution attending.

Bible Study 

Join us for Bible Study, led by Myra, on Wednesday mornings from 10:00am-11:00am in the Fireside Room.  No Bible Study on April 5th for Holy Week.

Leah Circle

Please join us, we will meet on Wednesday, April 12th (2nd Wednesday this month because of Holy Week) in the Fireside Room at 11:30am. Bring a lunch.  We lead with prayer, have a brief meeting while eating lunch, then follow with the Gather Magazine Bible Study. Please reply to this email if you have questions, or you can talk to Kelly J.


New Sock Drive 

The spiritual meaning of the washing of feet during Lent is purification, washing not only the feet but a spiritual cleansing of the mind as well.  The main purpose of this act is care for others by emulating Jesus in everything we do.  Service to others brings us a feeling of humility and empathy for our fellow man.  What a perfect time, during Holy Week, to fill a need in our community by donating new socks to cover the feet of those in need.  Please take part with us to clothe the feet of others.  Final donations should be made by April 6th. 

A Note from Lutheran World Relief . . .

We’ve created a special video that shows your congregation’s faith in action as our warehouse team prepares a shipment of LWR Mission Quilts, Personal Care Kits and Baby Kits to be delivered to Turkey. Please extend our deep gratitude to your quilters and kit-makers. Because of their commitment to making quilts and kits year-round, Lutheran World Relief is sending these valuable resources and bringing hope to our neighbors who have lost everything.https://youtu.be/SR0BE75v4J4

Mitten Tree  

We are still collecting mittens, gloves and hats for our local elementary schools in need.  Thank you to ALL who help with this ministry.

Fidget Mats 

Fidget mats and cuffs continue to be popular items.   We give thanks to the many hands that create these, each with their own special style and creativity.   Every place we take them there is so much appreciation, especially since their budgets are small and because of your generosity in giving doodads and gizmos we can gift them.   Please join us each Thursday morning from 10:00am-12:00pm in the Quadrooms.  No experience necessary, we can help you get started.   No fidgeting on Thursday, April 6th for Holy Week.


Join us for quilting for Lutheran World Relief on Tuesdays from 9:00am–12:00pm in the quad room.  Please come, we have a lot of work to do.  No experience necessary.  We will teach you.  See you there.  No quilting on Tuesday, April 4th for Holy Week.


Three families are currently living in Bridgeway House – one family of four, and two families with 2 members. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers regarding staffing shortages. We are happy to announce that our team is fully staffed, and stronger than ever. 

Bridgeway needs twin bed blankets and new pillows. Donations would be greatly appreciated.

Changes have been made to Wisconsin’s “Cottage Law”, which pertains to homemade goods that can be sold to the public, often at farmers markets. The recent ruling expands the options to include candies and fudge, doughnuts, dried products, and more. You can expect to start seeing exciting new products at the market!

Family Pathways currently serves (10) families in the supervised visitation program. The purpose of these visits are for reunification and strengthening family bonds. We have two families who have recently been reunited after an absence of visits with their kids for two years. It is heartwarming and our cup truly runneth over seeing these kids/parents’ faces light up on visits. The visitation area is welcoming and kid friendly. Families engage in a safe, neutral environment for some quality time with their kids, where birthdays and holidays are celebrated and with weekly connection opportunities – emotionally, spiritually, and physically (face to face). Donations are welcomed such as board games i.e Kerfuffle, Kites, Quakes and Co to name a few.

Bridgeway is bursting at the seams with toddlers now, any help with diapers size 4 or 5 would be wonderful. We are also in need of feminine hygiene products and laundry soap.

Northside Christian Food Pantry 

The most needed items for March are:  Cereal/Breakfast Bars, Soup (13 oz or larger preferred), Baked Beans, Manwich, Pasta Sides, Canned Meals/Beef Stew, and Canned Fruit. 

We are open on Thursdays from 12:30-2pm and are located at St. Dominic’s Parish.  The entrance is off the parking lot at 2133 N 22nd St. Look for the Pantry Sign by the door.  Your loyalty in supporting us by food and financial donations enable us to serve those in our community who are in need. If you know anyone who may need our services, please tell them about our pantry. Thank You Pat L


The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is now operational.  This lifeline provides care and support to people experiencing stressful situations.  It is free, confidential, and is available 24/7.  People of all ages who need help for themselves or a loved one can access the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by: calling 988, sending a text message to 988, or using the chat feature at 988lifeline.org.  People who contact 988 will be connected with a trained counselor who takes note of the person’s needs, understands how the person’s problem is affecting them, provides support, and, if needed, gets the person additional help.   


Please keep the following people in your prayers:
Lillian, Dan, Sherm & Mary, Darlene, Brian and family, Mike, Randy and Jayne, Dave, Gary, Ron, Phil, Billy, Sandy, Angela, Judy, Joan, Kate, Tony & family, Sarah’s Family, Sheila, Sharon, and Apostles of Christ.


Announcements for the bulletin and weekly newsletter are due at noon each Wednesday.  Please submit information to Carrie, at email address stpeter@stpetersheboygan.com.  The staff will review and make final decisions based on clarity, space, content, timing, and needs of the community.