Sharing God-Sightings

A God-Sighting is a way we can explain how we know God is active in our world. A God-Sighting allows you to share where, when, or how you experienced God’s involvement in your life or in the life of someone else. You could ask yourself the question, “Where have you seen God lately?” Sometimes God-Sightings are obvious, sometimes they are hidden. God is there. Somewhere. Somehow. God is there.

We share God- Sightings in confirmation, youth group, and council meetings. It can be tricky though and can take some practice.

You can get started by thinking about how:

– God is present in our worship: in singing; in the wiggling of children; in prayer; and in the sacraments.

– God is present in our relationships we have with others: in laughter; in tears; in celebrations; and in conversations.

– God is present in creation: in a sunset; in the night sky; in forests, and in rivers.

When you look for God-Sightings you can:

– Pay attention to what you think grace might look like.

– Notice acts of service.

– Catch a glimpse of hope somewhere.

Share your God-Sightings with us! Write it down on a sticky note and put it up on the glass wall near the office door. Together, we can see God at work and share how we are experiencing God in our lives!

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